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I added RockTape Kinesiology Taping to the menu/bag-of-tricks when I experienced great results for myself. Next time I see you, let’s tape you up!

Posted July 2018

Interview with Cheri

A little peek into what and why I do what I do! This is an interview from my autumn 2017 in New Hampshire! Lori Ferguson is a fabulous writer who took some time to talk to me and document our conversation!

Posted June 2018

Self Care Tools

I’m on a mission and a treasure to find the best tools and devices out there to help support your self care!

Because the work doesn’t end on the table! And empowerment begins when YOU can work with your own discomfort yourself!

These links will take you to Amazon, where by shopping you help support my endeavors!

Yay affiliate links! For more info, ask me how I did it! 😀

Fight or Flight vs. Rest & Digest

A quick look at your nervous system and the two “modes” it operates between!

Posted April 2017