I Make Jewelry!

Sweetly referred to as Cheri Fairy Treasures.

I like rocks.  More than like really, I love rocks, & crystals, & gemstones. They make me so happy. I follow countless crystal & gemstone pages on Instagram and they stop me in my tracks.

Nature feels good. Wearing it on your skin is a tactile reminder that the earth is always there to ground you, and support you, and catch you when you fall. In grounding, you are empowered you to rise to answer the call that makes your heart joyful.

I am very crafty. It is my meditation-time. I love all sorts of crafts, (knitting, crocheting, cross stitch…) but I keep coming back to making jewelry. From the creation to watching people connect with them, the whole process brings me joy.

Bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and Malas are my specialty.

Malas are a meditation tool to keep the hands busy and the mind focused. Much like Rosary Beads, you say a mantra, or an Om, or take a deep breath for each of the 108 beads on the string, except for the main bead, called the Buddha/Guru/Mountain bead.

Take a look at the Mala’s I’ve made, some are still available for purchase!

 (Pics Coming Soon!)

Check out the latest collection of stretchy gemstone bracelets with a hand-stamped metal charm of a lotus or a paw-print. Now available before and after class at The Newtown Yoga Center!

I’ve added a post for a quick reference to how the stones may enhance your day. These are bite-size snippets of what potential the gemstones may hold, but rather than thinking about what they will do, hold them in your hands and feel what they will bring you. The connection will be there (or not.)

The Crystal Bible is a great reference to have your library!

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