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In the fall of 2017 I had the honor to work with the best boutique gym in Bedford, NH, offering therapeutic massage therapy for their members and staff.

Elevate Health Studio

43 Constitution Drive, Bedford NH 03110

(603) 488 1756

They interview each of their staff members for their websites so folks can get an idea of their style, approach and background before they train with them.

Lori Ferguson is the interviewer and creator of this content, and after our sit down-conversation she sent me an interview that captured the experience perfectly!

Check out her work

She comes highly recommended for any content or communication needs you may have!

In coming back to CT, I was unable to continue with Elevate. But Lori & Amy (with Elevate Health Studio) were gracious to give me to green light to use the interview on my own page!  Thank you to Lori for the time & energy, and thank you Amy for the opportunity to be a part of your community!

Here is a peek into what & why I do the work that I do!


Cheri Tabone, Massage Therapist

The technical details: Cheri is a graduate of the 1100 hour, two-year clinical program at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Westport, CT, a member of the AMTA and licensed in CT and NH.

What you really want to know: Cheri’s welcoming smile and warm manner are the precursor to a wonderful massage experience. Climb onto her table and prepare to let your aches dissolve and your stress dissipate as Cheri gets to work on ‘the issues in your tissues.’

While setting up her space and preparing to welcome clients, Cheri graciously agreed to answer a few questions.

Q: What types of problems can massage address?

A: There’s nothing out there that doesn’t benefit from massage. Regular exercise is great, but in order to be balanced, we need to release our muscles as well as strengthen them. Massage therapy is great for helping everything from headaches to muscle soreness as well as pre- and post-workout recovery. Pre-workout massage can warm the muscles up and get them ready to move, while post-workout massage helps muscles calm and release.

The benefits of massage can last from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks. Massage is never ‘one and done.’ It’s maintenance work and it’s important for everyone’s self-care.

Q: What should people know about your approach to massage?

A: I use a blend of modalities: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger-points, sports massage, stretching, & myofascial work.

To facilitate myofascial release, I do cupping with silicon suction cups. I use a Western technique, rather than the Eastern glass firecup technique, so instead of purple spots, the areas I work just look a little sunburned. Cupping is especially beneficial in the areas where muscles cross one another, as they tend to stick together. The negative pressure lifts and separates the muscle layers and allows blood flow to resume, which eases the soreness and restores mobility.

I also like to do deep tissue massage, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to hurt…it just means I’m working in the deeper layers of the muscle, closer to the bone. It’s ok if it ‘hurts-so-good,’ but I don’t seek to cause pain.

I don’t heal and I don’t fix. I make suggestions and invite changes in your muscles. Whether your muscles respond is completely up to you.

Q: Why did you become a massage therapist?

A: I come from a medical family – my mom is an RN and my sister is a registered dietician, and in recent years I’ve really tuned into health. I have a bachelors degree in theater arts, and after graduating, I started working as a make-up artist in New York City. I enjoy working with people – it comes naturally to me – but when I started doing make-up, I found the joy in working with people one-on-one rather than being in front of an audience. I also wanted to incorporate the luxury aspect of make-up work; I really enjoyed helping people look and feel good.

I was attending a health & wellness expo and got a 10-minute massage and a light went on for me! I realized that if I became a massage therapist, I could help people while also adding an element of luxury to their lives.

I move people – it’s what I do. I used to move people by appealing to their emotions and helping them with their self-esteem. Now I’m working to help people move on a cellular level!

PS. My dad may not be in the medical field, but he can fix any vehicle you place in front of him!

Our bodies are the only vehicle we will have from day 1 until our last day on earth.

Let’s make it a great ride.

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