Massage Therapy & Body Work

Styles & Techniques

Each massage is unique to the body that’s receiving it.

Its important to meet the muscles where they are at, and then allow them to take the pressure deeper and to where it is needed. Forcing your way into a knot or a tight muscle will only result in soreness after the massage, and may be counter productive.

Massage is great to

…Increase circulation, and lymphatic movement, helping the body to clear out metabolic waste trapped in stuck areas, especially post-work out.

…Increase ease of movement and break up adhesions and stuck layers between the muscles and around joints.

…Reduce over-all tension and pain levels, softening the tone of the muscles, taking the pressure off their bony-attachment sites.

…Reduces blood pressure, heart rate, & stress levels, optimizing organ function & calming the nervous system.


A Great Massage…

Has goals, whether it’s exploratory, targets a specific area, or just lets your nervous system de-stress. Intention separates good massage from a great one.

Educates you on patterns being held, and paints a better picture of what you may be experiencing, and how you can affect a change.

… Sets up a strategy to continue the work we start. Heat or ice, tennis ball/foam roller/self-massage, combined with stretches and breathing, your homework will continue the progress between sessions on the table.