Rock Tape

Rock Tape is one of the top brands of Kinesiology Tape.

Kinesiology Tape is a length-wise stretchy tape that sticks to your skin and moves with you.

It creates a negative pressure (just like the cups) we use, that gentle lifting of the skin and superficial layer of fasica that changes how your brain sees an area that it may have physically “put on mute” so that it can focus on what you need to accomplish in your life.

Bodyworkers use Rocktape for Pain, Posture, & Nerve Impingement.

I discovered Kinesiology Taping at a time when my knees were grumpy. They needed a little support and knee braces were bulky and uncomfortable. I was really impressed by the support the tape gave me, and added the tool to my bag-of-tricks. Plus they come in dozens of fun colors and patterns!

In September of 2017 I attended at training in York, ME at a Crossfit Gym, and got my tape on!

It’s super user friendly, and almost any part of the body can be taped (Recently I taped up my thumb!)

After our massage, I may tape an area of your body and show you some stretches or easy corrective movements to rebalance and recalibrate what your brain is experiencing in the body.

If you are interested in learning more, check out their website.


And if you’re interested in experiencing the tape, let me know and we’ll tape you up in our next session!





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