Self Care Tools

I am currently on a treasure hunt locating the best tools for self care!

This what I’ve found so far… Follow the links to Amazon and continue to support my endeavors as a therapist!!

xo Cheri

Massage Balls — better than a tennis ball any day of the week! If you purchase any of these send me a message and I will explain to you how and where to use them!


HEY CLIENTS– THIS purple ball here, is called the COREgeous ball. And it’s a Psoas and Abdominal Massager (Plus a million other uses for it, but when I mention it to you– this is the one we were talking about! I sent you here. Grab it from Amazon, and we will work with it when I see you next!

Don’t go down the doTerra rabbit hole with out me!! But if you just need a quick fix, the Deep Blue Rub is really effective in its pain-relieving-and-feel-good-abilities. When you’re ready for more info & wholesale pricing (without having to sell anything), let’s talk!!

Magnesium Oil when applied topically is similar to soaking in an epsom salt bath! The skin absorbs the magensium (with out the laxative effect, when you take too much…) and helps the nervous system, the muscles release contractions, and the organs to function better. (Be careful putting it on open skin, it’s like salt, it burns.)


Grapeseed Oil, beautiful for the skin, great carrier for essentail oils, and antioxidants a bonus. This is what I prefer to use for massaging.

The Tiger Tail, like a rolling (you can also use a rolling pin if you have one!) or the Spikey Roller, they’re great for Calves, Hamstrings, Quads.. or have someone roll out your back, or forearms… start with easy pressure then start to sink in…


Speaking of Spikes- Bed of Nails creates a fascial release great for areas with bunchy connective tissues, like the low back and sacrum and the feet and hands!



The Thumby!! It sticks to the wall!! And then you have an elbow sticking out of the wall to rub those angry spots up against!!

These are the Cups I use for Cupping Massage! They are little silicone mushroom tops that when pressed in and dropped onto the skin create negative pressure, lifting stuck layers, and soothing the nervous system! Give them a while when you book an appointment with me!


Facial Rollers are as divine as they sound… Cool Jade or Rose Quartz roll tension out of the tiny (yet powerful and overworked) muscles in our face and jaw! (I don’t know if they are real jade or Aventurine… which is also an awesome awesome stone.) Do they really reduce wrinkles? If you keep this little baby in the fridge (or your car in the colder months) it’s a few moments of Heaven.


Micro-Needling Facial Roller. While the cooling/depuffing smooth roller feels phenomenal on the sensory nerves, and the moving pressure does help circulation and lymph, my gut feeling says this little baby is way more effective at actually causing skin repair at the surface level… but not every day. You gotta let the repairing process happen before you repeat the cycle. READ MORE my blog post about the Sdara Micro-Needle Face Roller!


More to come.. Thanks for scrolling through!