Teaching Anatomy


I love to help people understand their own Anatomy!

I am an Anatomy Nerd. I love to learn about the body and how it functions. I also love to help others understand their own structures!

I spent two years in a clinical massage program, where we studied the…

…bones, and their bony landmarks (their structural makeup, where muscles attach, and the levers that the muscles move…)

…connective tissue (FASCIA, ligaments, tendons… blood.. lymph.. adipose… bones…..)

…systems (neurological, circulatory, respiratory, visceral & energetic…)

…& muscles! (their attachments, their shapes, their actions, their stretches, their moods, their imbalances, their potential… their impact and reflection of your emotional wellbeing…)

People ask “how do you touch people all day?” You’re about to read the long answer.. the short answer is I answered the call. When something goes off inside of you, and you stop and say “Yes. This is what I’m going to do.” That’s what happened the day I decided that to become a massage therapist. And I found my calling.

As I began my schooling I also began a yoga practice, and while I moved through the poses I embodied the information I was downloading in school. (Muscle relationships, nervous system stimulation and decompression, effects of working with breathing, and how emotions and stress are stored or released…)

In school every class had a component stressing the importance of communication. A large part of being effective as a therapist is being able to educate the people you come in contact with on what is happening in the body and why bodywork and self care are important.

With a B.A. in Performance & Communications I feel a calling to make Anatomy and basic Kinesiology interesting and fun to anyone that will listen.

I continued my post-licensed schooling with a yoga teaching certification, which took me on a beautiful journey with-in, while processing personal life events that help me to pull back layers and try to focus in on what I wanted to put out to the world, and how I can help others.

With all my anatomy super fresh in my mind, I continued to reinforce it through working as a full-time massage therapist, and attended the teacher training at the yoga studio where I first began to practice. Upon graduation of the teacher training, I was asked to teach the attachments and actions of the muscles of the neck and shoulders for the summer group, and a light went off.

I was then invited to teach the 15-20 hours required for the next teacher training, and I answered the call with delight. Teaching formal yoga classes did not resonate with me in the same way, but something else completely organic was taking root, and the flowers that blossom at the end of each training, create bigger ripples in the fold than I can ever create myself.

The students and I go on a journey through the majority of the 600+ muscles of the body, looking at where they attach and how they move the body, and then we look at the Fascial Lines of Pull (Anatomy Trains) or how movement effects all parts of the body, together, not just the part that is moving.

We use fun colored kinesiotape & ductape on the skeleton to see individual muscles, washable markers to draw on our skin, as well as several different types of anatomical “models” to visualize the layers and movements of the muscles. It makes the material interactive and fun, teaching to all types of learning styles.

I return each year, now with the Modern Hatha School of Yoga, at The Newtown Yoga Center, in CT.  For MORE INFORMATION click here!